Article Number: 11883
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 96 Pages, 2017, Art-Phil
Yoshinori Niwa


€ 10.00

In 2017, the globalization of capitalism is currently rushing toward a relentless and banal phase. Beyond the fall of communism after the Cold War, what do human beings meet next — the demise of capitalism?

Based upon keywords such as market economy, squatting, education, art festival, public spirituality, after the Cold War, and abortion in relation to the recent works of Yoshinori Niwa, curators, critics, and academicians inside and outside Japan interpret social conditions each from their professional perspective and reveal conflicts in the depth of the public system today. In the artist's interview, over rising ethnic populism that stages Norbert Hofer and Donald Trump in conjunction with disturbing principle of politico‐religious separation, the circumstances of a workshop after encountering Paweł Althamer and Artur Żmijewski that went up in flames and other polemical questions to the art system, the execution of naming rights and the principle of sufficient reason for the legality / illegality of abortion, the contemporary ideology that transformed into empty nihilism together with an autonomous cultural center in Slovenia, as well as the demise of capitalism along with the development of a new idea of human rights and panarchism, Yoshinori Niwa's blunt and provocative views also are recorded. In addition, thirteen editions of the Special Edition of Historically Historic Historical History of Communism selected in the context of “memory, fabrication, travel” are to be introduced. From the past to the future. Or, from Ostalgie to allegory. A contemporary white paper on phenomena of the post-truth public sphere where the artist travels feeling sublation of capitalism.

Languages: Japanese, English