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Hard Cover, German, Staple Binding, 200 Pages, 2007
223, Amy Zhu

Too Magazine

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International, non-formulaized, anti-steretypical and unwilling to compromise for commercial value, Too Magazine is a brand new independent art & style magazine founded by 4 Chinese creatives living in 4 utterly different world-renowned cities - Beijing, Guangzhou (Canton), Taipei and London. The magazine, making its debut in July 2007, will introduce to the world new works of a new breed of creatives, most of which Chinese or Chinese by origin. The magazine's characters are, represented their contributors' own unique interpretation of style, literature, art and design.

TOO Magazine

Vol. 01 / Remix Issue / Summer 2007
Published byTOOGroup, China
Copyright© 2007TOOGroup

Contents of First Issue - Remix
*25 *remix* arts contribution from artists around the world
*TOO crossover with <Theme> Magazine New York
*Toronto non-profit Organization - Style In Progress
*Editorial on 5 master in "Re-mix" fashion
*John Galliano exposed backstage
*Interview with Japanese art group -maywadenki
*Japanese artist Masataka Kimura
*Japanese illustrator Kinpro
*Featured works by No.223(photography,China),my little dead dick(photography,China),Young Ou(Design, UK),Qingtou Yi(Photography, China),Nicoline(Photography, The Netherlands),Men Xiaolei (Illustrations, HongKong)

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First Issue___混_Remix
John Galliano後臺曝光
編號223,my little dead dick,Young Ou,青頭一,Nicoline,門小雷作品…

Remix Issue Contributors
Andrea Kwang, Winson Young, 馬啦Lala Ma, Digitalgroove, Sanpig, Rubeary, 楊洲, Essochateau, 林竹, My little dead dick, 擦, 馬思亮Siliang Ma, 青頭一Yiki Liu, Paul Herbst, Nicoline, 門小雷, Jovi Xu, Ceilen Lau, Linlin@Jellymon, death by chocolate, Nick Barham, Rodney Evans, 李敢記, William Hundley, 莊羽, 曹方, 張碔(第十個), 龍貝妮, Joanna Skrzypczak, 兩兩一樹221tree, Kat, Henli, Blackie, 阿話, 蔡鳴Greenwall, 創克斯Trunks, 大凡, 茆穀光Mark Mao, 小池晋, 小季, 非常廟, 小金寶, John H Lee, Tae Yoon, Hannah Lee, Jordan K, Thomas, Alex So, Eamon Lane, Rebecca Smeyne, 羅浩, Min, Anny, 林笛Lemon.
主編Editors in chief:編號223(Beijing) / 愛米(Guangzhou)
視覺總監 Art Director:區楊(London)
采編創作 Editors:Nini (Taipei) / Siya (Toronto)