Article Number: 6747
Soft Cover, Staple Binding, 268 Pages, 2008, multiplos, ISBN 978-84-936956-1-3
Daniel Jacoby

Traducción recursiva de titulares del 4 al 17 de noviembre de 2008

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The headlines of four of the main Spanish daily newspapers (El Mundo, El País, El Periódico y La Vanguardia) are translated using the on line translation service ‘Google Translate’.

The so-called resourceful process means translating the original headline –written in Spanish– to a second language; from this second language to a third one; from the third one to a forth and so on -going through every language the translator has- before returning the headline to its original language: Spanish.

This edition collects the results of this process, which was applied to a selection of headlines that appeared in the press from the 4th to the 17th inclusive.

Language: Spanish