Article Number: 2345
Soft Cover, German, Glue Binding, 46 Pages, 2010, Kodoji
Markus Uhr, Madeleine Schuppli

Transfer Drawings

Die technische Reproduzierbarkeit der anderen Art

availability unknown, if interested please write an email

Markus Uhrs erste Transfer Drawings sind im Sommer 2008 in New York entstanden. Mittels dieser Zeichnungen setzte er sich mit den Realitäten der fremden Stadt, genauer gesagt mit deren Spiegelung in der Tagespresse auseinander.

“As source material Markus Uhr uses fragments of images and texts taken from the American as well as the German press. He cuts out individual motifs from the papers to assemble an archive of photographic ans typographic clippings, extracting all manner of themes from the cleary structured system of every newspaper: logos, headlines, reportage photographs. Once removed from their original function within the newsprint medium, these extracts mutate into free-floating, unrelated particles inside Markus Uhr’s pool of images."