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Hard Cover, 2 Pages, 2012

transmediale 2k+12 in/compatible

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Transmediale 2k+12 – in/compatible is designed for the 2012 visual identity of one of the world’s most well known art & digital culture festivals by the Laboratory of Manuel Bürger and Timm Häneke. The 2012 edition of the festival was themed in/compatible.

Incompatibility is the condition arising when things are not working together. Given the current worldwide proclamations of crisis, be they political, financial, technological or environmental, it may seem as if incompatible elements and situations are everywhere, that everything is failing. Ironically, it is the supposedly ever-more compatible media-scape, where everything connects, that render such crises instantly visible. With the theme in/compatible, the festival probes the productive and destructive sides of incompatibility as a fundamental condition of cultural production.