Article Number: 12164
Soft Cover, English / French, Thread Stitching, 128 Pages, 2011, Secession
Joëlle Tuerlinckx’, Thomas Desmet

TUERLINCHX Moments d'espace

€ 285.70

On the occasion of the exhibition Die fünfte Säule [The fifth column], curated by Moritz Küng, Joëlle Tuerlinckx presents the lecture-performance Les moments d?espace ? lecture for YouTube in 591 panels (version 17.11.11) and the publication Moments d?espace. On 591 PowerPoint pages the artist describes her subjective and partially autobiographical thoughts concerning the paradox of space in the form of ?textimages? in French with English subtitles. While these are projected uncommented, Tuerlinckx improvises a musicalpiece on a first-generation Casio synthesizer.

This lecture is based on the artist?s lecture-performance Les Moments d?espace - lecture for YouTube in 591 panels (version 7.02.11), held on February 7, 2011 on Moritz Küng?s invitation, at the international symposium Mise en place ? Mise en scène at Sint-Lucas Hogeschool voor Wetenschap en Kunst, in Ghent.

On the occasion of the current lecture-performance the second, revised version is published as hybrid between an artist book and a treatise. Moments d?espace respects the grammatical particularities and the punctuation of the ?French-image.? The English subtitles have been completely retranslated. The artist book was designed in dialogue with graphic designer Thomas Desmet, formally a reinterpretation of the ?textimages? of the Ghent lecture. Two loose sheets, so-called Pages flottantes are inserted ? facsimiles of the first original colour samples which the Secession sent to the artist for review ? and refer to the so-called Salle d?argent [Silver Space], one of the installations by the artist within the exhibition Die fünfte Säule.