Article Number: 8107
Soft Cover, English, Thread Stitching, 92 Pages, 2015
Daniele Torcellini

Turbo Vanish

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“Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black”, Henry Ford wrote it in his autobiography published in 1922, speaking about the well-known Model T.

His aims was that of standardizing drastically the production, in order to allow everyone to be able to buy a car. After all we are talking about machine, namely the automobile, as the machine par excellence. Machine definition is: “An assembly of interconnected components arranged to transmit or modify force in order to perform useful work” and also “a mechanically operated device or means of transport, such as a car, aircraft, etc”.

Tuners seem to oppose persistently and successfully against this definition. They customize their car / machine, to the extent they make it almost useless for the purpose it was produced for, by working on it with an exhausting expenditure of time and energies. They try heroically to oppose to the current and consolidated capitalistic process of the purchase, usage and car-wrecker demolition, transforming serial products into unique objects. Singularities. Do they make art? Not precisely, but they have an obsession that creates an aesthetic vision. Turbo Vanish project focuses on these imageries, it appropriates them, it transforms their codes changing their intentions. Turbo Vanish connects two universes a long way off, that of Tuners and that of contemporary art. Language: English