Article Number: 11117
Magazine, English, Glue Binding, 108 Pages, 2018
CTM 2018 Team

Turmoil magazine

CTM Festival 2018 / 19th Edition Berlin

Uneasy times demand uneasy music. The world is in turmoil. And so are many of us. No matter what perspective we take, what used to be familiar is becoming increasingly alien, oscillating widely between peril and hope, between regression and progress, between standstill and explosive change.

Tensions are running high for all of us. But we can’t endure this strain for very long: we are worn down by the overload of polarised politics, of self-righteous agitation, of digital deceit, of neglect and unbridled narcissism paired with authoritarianism, of unevaluated technologies disrupting the fabrics of our community, of the libertarian recklessness of their apologists, of environmental crisis and pervasive violence. All the while, we try to engage with the new complexities of a multipolar world and its increasingly diverse societies, and attempt to distinguish vapid “virtue signaling” from earnest commitment. Squeezed under an almost inescapable regime of permanent excitation, we burn out, we retreat, and we can’t help but to normalise the madness, the pace, the anxiety. Yet, masking the turmoil comes at a price too – a creeping, subterranean unease gains traction and eats away at us.

Sprache: Englisch