Article Number: 12054
Soft Cover, German / English, Staple Binding, 268 Pages, 2019

Type of Assembly

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“Types of Assembly” is expanding the scope of typological investigations in order to detect the underlying mechanisms leading to assemblies in space—its collective rituals, political movements, spiritual dimensions, imaginary projections, everyday practices—and, it is suggesting that the performative quality of typological formation unfolds its true transformative potential within the timespan of hours, years and ages.

Assemblies can be formalized and institutionalized within very specific architectural types, but they can also be formed through spontaneous encounters and through informal, everyday activities. While the current debate in architecture is emphasizing the need for collective spaces, “Types of Assembly” is investigating the prerequisites for people getting together, their traces in space and the dynamic relationships between performance and spatial manifestation. But, instead of constituting a code or a manual for an architectural typology of assembly, the collection of texts and visual essays can be seen as an assembly itself—as a gathering of materials and thoughts that does not intend to constitute a complete or coherent overview on assembly types.


Mohammad Allan, Laura A. Almeida, Tareq Almuhammad, Ilayda Birgül, Nafisa Bukar, Yara Dessouky, Sevinc Durgut, Yasmine El-zaher, Nelli Fritzler, Guilherme Gaspar, Johanna Grau, Sarah Gretsch, Francesco Grillo, Emil Haffner, Omar Hazem, James Heusser Kowoll, Tom Jones, Maximilian Kessler, Sebastian Labis, Olivia Lees, Louai Mesharrafa, Ioanna Nicolaou, Mathilde Pagneux, Andrew Parry, Jakob Passernig, Daniel Platon, Sinali Lal D’Aram de Valada, Clara Salaün, Cecilia Santamaria Acevedo, Manar Saqbani, Radoslaw Stanko, Felix Schöllhorn, Nilhan Tezer, Paula Urig-Schon, Camille Valette