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Hard Cover, English, Thread Stitching, 176 Pages, 2016, Revolver Publishing by VVV
Ramesch Daha

Unlimited History

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The title of Ramesch Daha

The process, which allowed Daha to originally negotiate her archival research within the unruliness of a journal, was embellished by the ephemeral rubbings of key archival documents and the online solitude of purchasing discarded photographs and documents. The research provided a complicated ground for realising her spatial paintings and video and sonic intermedia works. The interpretive structure for much, if not the entirety, remains the re-figuration of the geopolitical, embedded in the re-examination of their historical governance; a biographical and imagined contemplation between mitteleuropa and the Persian peninsula, the back and forth corresponding to a train timetable with a distant sense of the remaining force between two territories - the place where she now lives, Austria and the place of her ancestors, Persia, now the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The Unlimited History for the artist has become Unlimited Histories of individual challenges and political mysteries in the sediments of