Article Number: 1326
Magazine, English, Staple Binding, 42 Pages, 2009, Motto
Nessie DeWitte


Ultraviolet Magazine

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Ultraviolet Magazine highlights exciting artists that are a little beyond the regular spectrum. Ressembling a mixtape, it's a conceptual yet very personal mix of material linked by a theme or mood and always presented in the signature colour.

As rebel with a cause, Nessie De Witte felt she had to kick her heels and redeem her bleeding revolutionary heart. In times where the value of good authentic performers is down to the value of the Mexican peso and plastic is preferred over wood, she got bored and craved some wild electricity. So instead of drowning in a vast sea of uniformity and monotony Ultraviolet provides a magazine alternative of the more timeless and sexy kind.

Lets just say Ultraviolet likes to break the shackles of chronology and location and takes roads less travelled to and that makes all the difference

Language: English