Article Number: 9089
Soft Cover, English, Staple Binding, 76 Pages, 2014
Julia Rometti, Victor Costales

vamoose, all cacti jut torrid nites

Published on the occasion of the exhibition "Vamoose, all cacti jut torrid nites" Julia Rometti and Victor Costales. 19.06.-24.08.2014 at Kunsthalle Basel.

In the multi-faceted works of Julia Rometti (1975 Nice, France) and Victor Costales (1974 Minsk, Belarus), nature becomes a space of inscription for philosophical and literary narratives in which natural objects and forms are the agents. Site-specific installations combine found objects and plants in their natural state with hand-crafted and industrially manufactured goods such as wool rugs and concrete floor tiles. The artists also employ appropriated photographs, their own works in film, and reproductions of literary and academic essays in order to reference specific subject areas. The narratives that are generated in this way incorporate semi-factual, semi-fictional characters and concepts. The artists thereby pursue the issue of perspective, which they render visible in their works by means of transpositions, translations, repetition and recurrence, permutation, imitations and transfers.

Language: English