Article Number: 5446
Soft Cover, English, 2013
Alfredo Jaar

Morte a Venezia

55th International art Exhibiton - la Biennale di Venezia

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Pavilion of Chile - Artglierie Dell'Arsenale

As in Rushes, so in Venezia, Venezia there is in Jaar's work a constant, direct involment of the viewer, Jaar's on going collaborator. For Venezia, Venezia, the work unfolds in time via the viewer's perambulations as her path arranges the disparate, successive components into a intelligible order, in essence co-producing the piece. this interlacing of work an spectator takes the form of a kinetic, physical interaction in line with a phenomenological inflection inherited from Minimalist sculpture. Jaar's aaproach is also informed by this training in architecture an film, also evident in the photographic installation that opens Venezia, Venezia, which is itself an intersection of image architecture.

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