Article Number: 8234
Soft Cover, English, Staple Binding, 12 Pages, 2016
Oliver Griffin

Void in my eye Admires the Lens

€ 15.00

The project “Void in my eye Admires the lens.” depicts lenses in front of a black background and it highlights their function of distancing the subject wearing them from reality.

I have never been able to let go to the feeling of being able to live without spectacles; either for medical of physiological reasons. The idea of looking through a cut piece of glass in which brings another layer of distance into reality fascinates myself. Along with the dust and scratches that collect on my lens, ideas starts to make me contemplate stop really caring about ‘the real’. Starting to subconsciously focus on these imperfections, defusing the boundary between reality and fiction. The effect I can only imagine as looking through an IDAS Light Pollution Suppression filter to clarify all in vision, into viewing the making of new worlds. Viewing as they are just reflections of the writers imagination. Projecting them as astrology photography. With a little imagination, the extraordinary is only a blink away. As the fiction is always stranger than reality, we choice what we want to focus on. Like dirt, hair or even sand on a piece of cut glass, can be seen as universes in front of your eye in the darkness. In effect this is my homage to Sci-Fi Literature and Astrophotography. The disconnection from reality though a lens of glass.

(Oliver Griffin) Language: English