Article Number: 12764
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 128 Pages, 2014


€ 38.00

(Italian – empty: vuòto) An artist’s book with projects by Alison Jones, Josephine Meckseper, Martha Rosler, Milly Thompson, Nicole Wermers and an ‘editorial’ by Nina Power. Published for the exhibition Évasion, 2012: “Mirroring the luxury magazine, VUOTO embodied the essence of the show, being both a collection of critical artworks and high-end self-objectification.

It considers the fields of FAME: Fashion-Art-Media-Entertainment, where opposition nestles in co-dependency.” The script for Martha Rosler reads Vogue (Martha Rosler, 1982) is included. Printed in an edition of 1000, full colour, gloss, 128 pages, with a soft cover.