Article Number: 9739
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 174 Pages, 2014
Thomas Galler

Walking through Baghdad with a Buster Keaton Face

fink twice 503
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As a band 3 in the paperback series fink twice a reissue of the publication "Walking through Baghdad with a Buster Keaton Face", which was published in 2009 on the occasion of a solo exhibition Thomas Galler in the Aargau Kunsthaus Aarau.

Conceived as an artist book catalog is a fitting illustration of Thomas Galler's work and his artistic strategy. On two parallel image planes reference materials and works of the artist are displayed. The photographs come from the exhibition at the Kunsthaus Aargau and show more than thirty works. The reference material - results of extensive research and an important part of the artistic employment Galler - is organized into thematic groups, which are integrated between the movement's recordings. This combination allows for a reading of the works in the exhibition context and in dialogue with the research material from which they are often formed.
Hilde Teerlinck has conducted an interview with the artist, giving details of its strategies and interests. Margrit Tröhler deals with the cinematic works Thomas Galler, while Madeleine Schuppli introducing receives some important concepts in the work.
Located between artist book and monograph, the new edition is this widely acclaimed as one of the Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2009 and 2010, winning the competition "Best Book of the world" acknowledged the gold medal title insight into the impressive work Thomas Galler