Article Number: 10562
Soft Cover, Thread Stiching, 216 Pages, 2014
Luca Trevisani

Water Ikebana

Stories about solid & liquid things
€ 38.00

Luca Trevisani leads us to the Glaucocamaleo site, a feature film presented at the International Film Festival in Rome (2013), and the same show at the Marino Marini Museum in Florence (2014).

The artist brings us into the free flow of his thoughts, tells us about encounters and discoveries, facts and inventions, in a continuous play of references between science and art. Through eleven stories the water is the protagonist of this original travel diary between the mountains and the plains. Rain or ice, hail or soft snow, is the ceaseless passage of water state to show us the true nature of things, their eternal metamorphosis. For Trevisani nature is nothing else but the mirror in which man sees his own image and, recognizing it, builds his own story. The artist thus reflects on the origins of the places, looking for clues to a future looking for its shape.

Language: Italian