Article Number: 4656
Magazine, Dutch, Staple Binding, 69 Pages, 2006, Van Eyck

What are you doing?

Teksten over videokunst

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What are you doing? Teksten over videokunst is a publication by Rob Vanderbeeken (researcher Theory 2004 – 2005).

Point of departure for the publication are video works in which an act or a symbolic interaction are the focal point. Vanderbeeken approached authors from various fields of discipline: philosophy, sociology, linguistics, ... They were asked to reflect on the video installations, short video films and registered performances, from a personal point of view. He thus assembled a broad spectrum of texts, varying from scientific contributions to a poem.

According to Vanderbeeken, the title What are you doing? Does not just refer to the act of the protagonist in the videos, but also the role of the viewer, or author. “The personal reflection of the viewer defines the work”, says Vanderbeeken in his introduction. The diversity of the texts does indeed highlight the active position of the viewer and the wide range in possible interpretations.

The texts have been realised with support of the Jan van Eyck Academie.

Language: English