Article Number: 11228
Soft Cover, German, Thread Stitching, 112 Pages, 2008
Joel Sternfeld

When it Changed

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Joel Sternfeld went to Montreal in 2005 to photograph the participants in the eleventh United Nations conference on climate change. The book is included 53 portraits of participants at the conference.

The mezzo busto close-ups fit within a tradition of portraiture that dates back to the Renaissance but the anxiety on each face seems like something only modernity and the advent of ecological collapse could produce. A text culled from newspapers and journals and presented in the form of wire service transmissions provides a chronology of climate change as it has occured in the past 20 years – in the thinking and predictions of scientists and climatologists; in the actions of governments and non-governmental organizations, and in the landscape where dramatic and catastrophic events are occuring. By the title When It Changed Sternfeld may be referrring to a more hopeful turning point.
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