Article Number: 1325
Soft Cover, English, Staple Binding, 2010, Motto

White night before a manifesto

Can a design manifesto be written in a post-manifesto age?

The pamphlet White Night Before A Manifesto discusses contemporary conditions of design practice, and some of their political consequences. The publication is divided in three short essays. The first two texts, 'Surface' and 'Value', are combined under the title 'White Night'. Written from the perspective of the design practitioner engaged in an almost automatic and unquestioned alliance with the virtual, this text addresses large scale incoherence in the conception and existence of design objects. The third text, 'Before A Manifesto', comprises an analysis of the manifesto form and its adherence to non-professional, passion-driven definitions of labour. White Night Before A Manifesto pays tribute to the Utopian legacy of the manifesto.