Article Number: 40
Hard Cover, English, Staple Binding, 224 Pages, 1900
Susanne Probst

working in concert

fünf duette und einige leseempfehlungen

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The book "Working in concert" is the documentation of an attempt to open my very own process and include others.

I invited five people to work togehter for a period of some days. These days are to be seen as an open platform for the exchange of ideas, for collaborating, finding a way of doing something together. There were no predefined goals nor rules to be followed. Everyone was sincerley taking part in defininf a sense. I was interested in losing control and the risk of failure and uncertainity that goes hand in hand with including others in the workingprocess. I see this uncertainity of the interstices rather as a potential than as weakness that let you do other things than usual and leads you to places you have never been to. This exchange lives of the joy in the new and of an interest in others. It is about the struggle for opportunities, creating spaces between people in which there are no borders.

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