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Soft Cover, English, Thread Stitching, 256 Pages, 2005, Revolver - Archiv für aktuelle Kunst
Annika Eriksson

Works by Annika Eriksson

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Annika Eriksson (* 1956 in Malmö, Sweden) is a pioneer of the early 1990s artistic tendency to put real situations and social interaction into the center of project-oriented and performative art. Eriksson is known for initiating everyday situations, collective actions, and presentations that are manifest in video or film installations and as photographs in the exhibition space.

"Annika Eriksson's works can often be described as condensations and revelations of the underlying relations of a place or situation. But just as often her works are about staging and thus creating something that is missing—a conversation, an occurrence, arresting the attention of a moment.

At Frieze Art Fair, 2004, she created 'Do You Want an Audience?', a 'speakers corner' where singers, entertainers and speakers on many different topics were given the space to express themselves. Her staged situations generate dialogues and grant the observer access to experiences that normally aren't given space in the public sphere.

Annika Eriksson has forged new paths for performative works in various media for a long time. By taking elements of the undramatic and the quotidian, she has resisted the genre's elevated, theatrical tradition; and by seeking out ways to erase the division between participant and viewer, she has undermined traditional role-playing and the narcissism inherent in the role of the artist." (Sara Arrhenius & Friedrich Meschede)

With an essay by Peio Aguirre and an interview with the artist by Jan Verwoert (english)