Article Number: 8188
Soft Cover, English, Staple Binding, 48 Pages, 2015
Thomas Artur Spallek, Laura Catania, Yvonique Wellen

WTi 2.0

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For Wasting Time on the Internet 2.0, artists were asked to base a work on at least three hours of ‘wasting time on the internet’. Starting from common ground, each of the works reflect on different aspects of the exhibition concept.

The act of ‘wasting time on the internet’ holds a central position in a number of the works, sometimes visualized in time based work, sometimes without a final shape. Other artists have collected material that points towards prominent phenomena on the internet today, or have connected their internet journeys to Kenneth Goldsmith or the Situationists.

In the variety of expressions that are part of the exhibition, the works do not only point towards the ways in which we (can) use the internet today – but also confront us with the question if ‘wasting time’ can still be considered a waste - when it results in/ leads to an artwork.

Language: English