Article Number: 5434
Soft Cover, German, Glue Binding, 214 Pages, 2011, Werkleitz/Daniel Herrmann
Werkleitz Fesitval 2011, Susanna Brogi, Cord Riechelmann, Maik Schlüter, Christina Wessely, Peter Kubelka

Werkleitz Festival 2011: Zoo

Kunst für Tiere

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Catalogue from Werkleitz festival 2011. Including scientific essays by Susanna Brogi and Christina Wessely, an interview with the documentary filmmaker Peter Kubelka held by Cord Riechelmann and a prosaic approach by Maik Schlüter to the performance Playstation.

Introductions to the film programmes of Animal Cinema have been authored by Marcel Schwierin and Cord Riechelmann.