Article Number: 5252
English, Glue Binding, 2013, Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary
Boris Ondreicka

I am the floor

€ 145.00

Woodcut, handprinted. Edition of 50. Signed, dated and numbered.

I am the Floor is a poem cut into the floor in negative form, from which prints are taken. The text, which can be read only after the actual printing, consists of a short love song about two entities that, although they exist so close to each other, will never ever meet: floor and ceiling. They are the horizontals that define the room (or flat or house), and if the ceiling were a mirror, the poem of the floor would reflect properly in it. I am the Floor the pain of the interdependent beloved is literally inscribed into the space—“I am wounded by your high heels—I swallow your tears falling down on my skin”—through the letters of the poem, which have been carved into the floor. The way of the poems distribution is similarly scattering/disseminating as when listening to a song of a singer at some corner of the street...