Article Number: 7650
Hard Cover, Staple Binding, 46 Pages, 2015
Bernardo Pacini, Valentino Barachini

Perfavore rimanete nell'ombra

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Origini is a very small scale publishing house: they plain and create editional objects, which contain nothing more than what is necessary to express their "vision of the world" through photos, texts and other authors´writings.

They often make use of scrap typographic material, old papers left in drawers, and give them new life. Each object is numbered, signed, bound and hand- finished: each of them is a unique piece, different from the others. This is obviously, not a defect.

This edition contains:

"Parole" series

Poems by Bernardo Pacini.

Photos, project and realization by Valentino Barachini.

18 poems, 19 photos, 100 copies numbered and signed

Language: Italian