Article Number: 12240
Hard Cover, English, Thread Stitching, 4 Pages, 2022, Salon für Kunstbuch
Bernhard Cella

The Space Book of Book Space

€ 240.00

A three-dimensional paper sculpture with eight different views. A pop-up book as an homage to the contemporary art book scene.

An attempt at a playful encounter with different constellations in which authors, exhibitions, publications, events, and the production of publications interact in real space.
Unlike regular books, in an upright position the cover of The Space Book of Book Space opens a full 360 degrees and, thanks to integrated magnets, seamlessly turns into an object presenting three-dimensional scenery. Like adjoining rooms in a house, its four quarters show three-dimensional snapshots of book presentation rooms and events that shine a light on the process of working with books in the art field.For example, one view shows how books are arranged as an intertextual and cross-object space, another shows their authors gathering around their works in conversation; A third provides a glimpse into how books are arranged to form an exhibition. Finally, Room D is devoted to the legacy of conceptual art and its artistic strategies, ranging from the creation of book objects to performance and happenings. Rooms 7 and 8 address No-ISBN self-publishing in the field of art in the digital age and the emergence of the Internet as a mass medium. Edition of 100. The Space Book of Book Space Concludes an Artist Project.
Edition of 100, numbered and signed.