Article Number: 8653
Soft Cover, English, No Binding, 1 Pages, 2016, Grazer Kunstverein
Philippe Van Snick

Voyage Voyage

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This edition shows a summary of the works from Philippe Van Snick.

De Hallen Haarlem and Grazer Kunstverein organized two complementary solo exhibitions on the work of Philippe Van Snick (1946). In place of the obligate catalog these two museums published an edition in the form of a concertina. Last year, Philippe Van Snick visited the botanical garden of Rio de Janeiro. From the photos he took there he selected ten, each of which are reproduced on the right page in the leporello. On each left-hand page we find a monochrome surface in a color from the color ten-part system that Philippe Van Snick applied since the eighties (red, yellow, blue, orange, purple, green, black, white, silver and gold). Over this ten diptychs' Van Snick took cutout faces in blue and black, symbolizing the day and night. Sometimes these surfaces are geometric, sometimes organic. This creates a complex interplay of images, colors and symbols. The pictures of the tropical plants contrast with the bright monochrome surfaces, while the typical form of the concertina book reinforces the rhythm of the day and night cycle.

Language: English