Der Salon ist vom 4. - 20. August geschlossen.
Nächster Öffnungtag 25. August 2010

The Salon für Kunstbuch, an 1:1 model of a book store, is a presentation and exhibition space in which various fine art topics and areas of interest become graspable through the book as medium.

Conceived as an art project by Bernhard Cella, the Salon was opened on Vienna’s Mondscheingasse in 2007. Focus is on a dialogue with current art book productions from European contexts and beyond. The search for books knows no bounds, and all discoveries are subsequently invited to the Salon. The books are introduced, and additionally, artists, editors, publishers, graphic artists, and authors are invited to participate in open discussions and book presentations. The principle of the Salon is a cumulative one. With every exhibition, the space intensifies through the increase of art books and the new constellation of their staging. All of the exhibited books are available for purchase.

Salon für Kunstbuch Mondscheingasse 11 A-1070 Wien
Mi. - Fr. 14 - 19h
Sa. 12 - 17h